24/7 interconnected.

We live in a world where we are always connected with each other. This means that we want access to our data at any time. This constant connection ensures continuity within your business and increases the productivity of your employees. To achieve an optimal environment, you need a stable and high-performance network.

At AppSys, we have experience in setting up, maintaining, and securing corporate networks. We are happy to help your business move towards a modern network infrastructure. Do you also need assistance after deployment? Then our Managed Services are interesting for your organization. With this service, we provide complete management and maintenance support.


Looking for a solution to connect multiple business locations? SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is an ideal solution to centrally manage your data traffic via separate software. This allows you to replace your traditional routers with SD-WAN solutions and avoid investing in additional hardware. Opting for SD-WAN can save you a lot of money. Next-Generation Firewalls play a crucial role in this solution.

As an independent IT partner, we always evaluate the products that are most suitable in the market. We work with brands such as Clavister, Sonicwall, Barracuda, Fortigate, Watchguard, and more.


A stable and high-performance WiFi connection is the backbone of your business. You need it to handle numerous devices that require increasingly higher bandwidth, speed, and reliability. What choices do you make when setting up such a stable and reliable WiFi environment? How do you address network security? AppSys supports you in this process.

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