Why would I want to work in the cloud?

AppSys Cloud

We can easily answer that at AppSys:

What does the AppSys Cloud stand for?

With the AppSys Cloud, you opt for tailor-made cloud solutions that ensure optimal continuity and connectivity. The entire infrastructure uses VMware technology, the absolute market leader in virtualization solutions.

With AppSys Cloud, you purchase resources for a fixed monthly fee. We guarantee a minimum uptime of 99.9% for this.

Furthermore, you can also expand the service with on- and off-site backup functionalities. You determine the retention policy yourself.

AppSys Cloud

The benefits of the AppSys Cloud

Independent of physical machines

  • No investment in expensive hardware
  • High availability
  • Quick installation

VMware technology

  • Optimal performance
  • Flexible & scalable
  • SLA guarantee for availability

Maximum security

  • Secure backups
  • In line with strictest international ISO standards
  • Equipment in the data centers is owned by AppSys
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The possibilities of the AppSys Cloud

Our AppSys Cloud is a recognized service provider for numerous software vendors. This allows us to offer many software licenses "as-a-Service". Would you like an up-to-date overview of what is possible? Contact us.

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