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Rentman WordPress import plugin

Experience the new generation of rental software!

Rentman is a specialist in the field of rental software . AppSys does the development and support for the WordPress import plugin from Rentman. This plugin imports products from Rentman to every WordPress Woocommerce webshop where this import plugin is installed. You can contact us for help, questions and problems concerning the plugin, such as:

  • Setting up your webshop (including installing the plugin) for a fixed price or monthly formula.
  • Building in custom functionalities for your webshop.
  • Solving bugs and problems.
  • Oplossen van bugs en problemen.

Contact us for more information.

Extensive functionalities

  • Import materials from your Rentman database to your webshop.
  • The materials are imported with, among other things, the daily price, scale series, name and image imported to the webshop.
  • Materials are imported into categories in the webshop as your folder structure is set.
  • Per material you can indicate whether or not it should be imported into the webshop.
  • For each material you have separate information that you can add that needs to be imported, such as a short and long description for the webshop.
  • A customer can place an order with a van and to-time.
  • Optional: the webshop shows availability on the basis of the Rentman whether the material is available.
  • An order from a customer is withdrawn as a normal project in Rentman and can be handled there. The project contains from and to times, customer information, selected materials.
  • An e-mail will be sent to the default e-mail address of the Rentman account if there is a new request.
  • A contact that is entered in the webshop is linked to the contacts from the Rentman database based on the e-mail address.

Webshop flow

Below you will find a description of the usual steps that your customers and your own team (Rentman users) undertake when your webshop is set up.

For your customers

  1. Customer selects the articles in which he / she is interested.
  2. Customer selects the rental period and place the order in the shopping cart.
  3. The customer places the order, based on the e-mail address it is checked whether the customer already exists in the Rentman database. If this is not the case, you will be asked for contact details.
  4. Customer receives a confirmation from the rental shop.
  5. At a later moment, the customer receives a quote based on the request directly from the rental company.

For Rentman users

  1. An e-mail is sent from the plugin and/or from WooCommerce that there is a new request.
  2. The request is entered into Rentman as a project in status concept with existing or new contact, requested materials and chosen rental period.
  3. The project is further handled in Rentman such as a normal project. Contact can be included, quotation can be made and sent.

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